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17 jan 2020 à 21:51 2h de livraison... nourriture casi froide
10 nov 2019 à 1:32 First and only time I’ve ordered from this restaurant, never again. Disgusting food, extremely poor quality, bad taste, in fact there is not a single good thing to say about it. A complete waste of money.
10 aoû 2019 à 20:57 excellent food and fast delivery. responsive to special request made and good contact/communication
9 aoû 2019 à 2:05 Very bad services and food. We paid more than 115 frank for two small bags of meal. Actually, the food was just wasted packed in a tinny aluminum box, which is a child portion. Paid 4 rice but received the only tow. Never and never order again.
29 jui 2019 à 8:08 Excellent food and fast delivery!
26 jui 2019 à 21:31 We ordered lamb bryani , okra, mushroom bhaje and mixed and potato pakora. The food was tasty except the pakora which tasted below average. The delivery took 1h and 20 min and it was showing that its already delivered. We phoned the restaurant
21 jui 2019 à 9:25 As always perfect to my taste and great service!!
22 jun 2019 à 15:26 Je mange tout le temps là bas et c'est tjs super bon mais là le Khorma n'avait aucun goût je sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé...
24 avr 2019 à 23:50 Food is always good and so is service! Highly recommended!
12 avr 2019 à 3:15 Immonde ils ont vraiment pas honte de livrer des trucs comme ça
25 mar 2019 à 12:30 Fantastique!